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<Woken from a Dream> is an animated VR 360 of an immersive fantastical space, designed and produced by Fée Brandt. 

It uses the creator’s dreams as original inspiration and fuse into a unique dream space, with the help of Procreate, Primiere Pro, Adobe Animate softwares of painting and editing. The audience can use mobile phones, computers or VR googles with headphones to dive into this space at any time and place. 

It provides the viewer with an opportunity to experience lucid dreaming. After entering this space, the audiences will not be alone. They can observe in all directions and listen to the stereo sound of the peaceful ecological environment around, matching the exquisite dynamics of the inhabitants in this space. If you observe carefully, every detail illustrates a little story in process. The development of these stories will not be interrupted by the arrival of the audience. It seems that the audience is also one of the characters similar to a birdwatcher in this ecological space. This space can calm people's frustration and pressure, and the contradicting concept of dream and reality provide an excuse for the audience to enjoy. After 1.5 minutes, the audience will return to their original world with endless aftertaste.

A VR 360 Dream

Woken from a Dream (2020)

An animated VR 360 of an immersive fantastical space.

(Please view the video with 4k quality. You could have the immersive experience with or without VR glasses. Try looking around~Dream away!)

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