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Dream Tenant is a video game that aims to guide individuals to cope with aloneness by training solitary skills.


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Coming Soon! It will be launched in the summer of 2023!!!

  • Fée Brandt - Director & Visual Designer

  • Nina Simone Johnson - Game Developer

  • Jennifer Xing - Composer & Sound Designer

Project Statement

Dream Tenant's virtual space and game mechanisms aim to help players learn to take control of loneliness and develop satisfying relationships with themselves. The game space is a construction of the main character’s dream world as well as an immersive experience of a virtual dream for the players. Since Only 20-25% of sleep is dreaming, players spend limited time every day on this game. An Artificial-Intelligence-driven avatar takes the role of a therapist and guides players to share thoughts and self-reflect during their interactions. 3 daily mini-games are designed according to the 3 stages of learning ( cognitive, associative, and autonomous) to help train players’ solitary skills. A dream tenant will stay for 7 days and graduate from this dream and this game, knowing more than before about how to cope with aloneness and aspiring to apply the solitary skills in reality.

Concept Sketches


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