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ERROR ERROR ERROR there is a glitch

“The unattainable is invariably attractive”, (2020)

This simple but dynamic motion graphic design aims to create a connection between its viewers and the digital world. It is composed of three motion graphics and is originated from artist Fée Brandt's comprehension of a truism "The Unattainable Is Invariably Attractive". The evolution from the original photographic entities to virtual glitching graphics, connects viewers to the digital world, and creates an escape path for the citizens of the digital world to search for their attractive treasures. This series of artwork conceptually attributes "the Unattainables” to Identity, Freedom, and Fantasy.

People are constantly on a journey to search for their identity; to create their fantasy, and finally break through for freedom. The three are represented by photographs of one looking into a mirror as one procedure of identity search; a fairytale art as an approach for a fantastical dream, and surveillance camera as a symbol of safety that invades freedom. However, connecting to the current society, our world manifests beyond physical medium, it has advanced itself to a digital level, yet it is another approach to chase for the unattainable. So on the representations of the three unattainable, a glitch is purposely positioned in it.

A glitch is an error of course, but for citizens of the digital world, it’s an escape path to maybe finally find their attractive treasures! The glitches are in the form of GIFs, so it’s always an open-doors for these digital citizens to pass and start a journey. The glitches are digital/visual motifs that indicates an entrance/exit from our journey searching for the “unattainable” desires.


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