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Tin Cat - a monster and a friend

Tin Cat started as my childhood monster!

Then one day I conquered my fear and befriend Tin Cat, and ever since, Tin Cat is one of my biggest inspiration for art making and storytelling.


Here are storyboards of Tin Cat's "original hero/villain story" (scroll to see how the story progresses)


I then made wrote, composed, and sang a song for Tin Cat. You can find it now on all music streaming platforms.

I am here with you,

Bare hands no shoes.

You are the combination of lots of imagination

I am here with you,

Dark clouds and moon.

It's a complication involving too much information.

How I see you in that way,

How you always be that way,

Just holding your hand,

while ground falls apart.

In the center

Of a place I have never been.

All Your shadows

will cover all of my Hollows

I am higher than the clouds

I am with Robins and Mockings

a myth is happening,

Right in front of me

I am happier than who

Have look out the window for you.

A myth is happening,

Right in front of me.

public interactive art

Then I expanded Tin Cat almost into a public interactive art + children's activity

26 children were invited with the signed permission from their parents and asked to follow to the story of Tin Cat and draw their scariest monsters. This story aims to encourage children to befriend their monsters -- to face their fears; This music aims to characterize Tin Cat as an icon of the imaginative emotional mentor in children's fearful journey of growing up; and most importantly, This project aims to raise awareness of children's creative expression of emotions through simple drawings.

some process journals and photos:

To spread awareness of the message, a public interactive collaboration with kids was held to visualize the music piece.

Based on the research of child psychology & consulting, Fée designed a drawing activity with storytelling performance.

After the storytelling and guiding questions, Children with the consent forms signed by their parents are asked to draw " the scariest monster" on their own. Then children are introduced to the story of Tin Cat who could defeat the monster by simply erasing the monster with its bare hands. All participants will get the option of being rescued by Tin Cat from their fearful monsters OR befriending their monsters, to draw a complete on their shared story with Tin Cat. This selective open-ending finishes the story performance, and children's drawings of monsters are collected, while they receive a handmade Tin Cat sticker badge as a reward for participation.

26 scariest monsters drawn by kids with chalk.

Animation & Music

Watch a youtube video of an animated musical of Tin Cat and the Monsters

Virtual Exhibition

An exhibition of the children's drawings is held virtually and shared with the parents through email (click here to walk through the virtual exhibition).

All participated children's drawings of their Monsters are here! (in random order) Also downloadable for parents with a right click:)


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