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Is the creation of Art a crime?

Nameless Walls, animated short film, 2021.

Art Statement

This animated short aims to evoke the power of art, patricianly in collision with technology. The story sets under a dystopian political future, and it puts two perspectives in conflict. One perspective from the underground artists in offense with the political state that degrades and forbids art by committing public art "crimes" ; and another prospective from the police robot forces, who are assigned to erases the legacies of art crimes. The variate emerges when one robot starts to spark consciousness due to the constant influences of creativity.


This original animated short film is directed and produced by Brand Studio!

Fée Brandt, Tim Brandt, Gabriel Brandt, and Zara Brandt are cousins, co-creators of Nameless Walls, and founders of Brand Studio. Every summer, all four of them meet at their grandparent’s house in Germany and it was there that their creative collaboration was born. Tim and Fee grew up in China and live in New York; Zara and Gabriel grew up in California.


In a police state where the creation of art is a crime, robots are employed to erase works of art in the streets of the city. After an encounter with a rogue artist, one robot finds itself marked and begins to see something else in the colors it was created to destroy. When the robot encounters the artist a second time during a patrol, the artist, enraged, fight back. While the artist destroys the robot’s partner, the robot has just enough time to—apparently—destroy the artist’s work before the being is destroyed itself. Only afterward does the artist noticed that the robot, instead of destroying his painting, has in fact completed it.


Alef - Alma Instagram: @alef.musica, Spotify

Permission to use the music in the film is given by the creator

(below are some snapshots of the film)


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