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Selfie with David

Selfie with David, mockery proposal, (2020)

<Selfie with David> builds a mockery by colliding the ambiguous biblical figure (David) with tourism (Time Square) and selfie, to comment on modern people’s excessive-humanistic perspective and the synthetic cultures in parallel with solid history.

Inspired by Hillary Clinton’s most ridiculous selfie with audience not even facing her.

The invention of a front camera gave birth to the notion of selfie. It is an evolutionary change to humanity and a leap on humanism. Though Fée argues that the notion of selfie also leads to a tendency of replacing human perception or even identity. Many News and media started to except selfied-photographies and videos as valid history-recording assets or evidence. A future with self-directed and unaesthetic history is here and more ahead. Historian literature back in ancient Greek Roman to Renaissance was mixture of facts and myth, which correspond with the Selfie effect.


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