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Balancing the weight of cultures

"The Weight of _____" is an integrated culture headpiece for the performance of balancing (2019)

Inspired by different cultural headpieces, architectures, and patterns, Fée created a headpiece that resembles the weight of cultures through architectural structures.

She, as an artist, asks "How might we carry and balance the weight of multi-cultrue in a connective architecture, celebrating it as one unit?"

She merges different cultures' symbolistic patterns and architectural characteristics and invents these new design for her mix-cultured architectures. (below are some of the designs)

Method integration

She uses RisoGraph ---a brand of digital duplicators that is capable of high-volume photocopying and printing-- to print vibrant raw RGB colors. During the printing process, a lot of mistakes occur since it prints each ink color separately. However Fée finds beauty in these errors and collisions, (happy accidents indeed) So Fée decided to deliberately fabricate these mistakes by designing a random printing pattern with texture.

(Below are 9 examples of these deliberate mistake patterns.)

The photographs below document how the outline of designed integrated architecture interacted with the deliberately-mistaken Risograph prints.

Architecture & materiality

The base that connects the human body with the integrated cultures is made of 7 heavy metal plates linked with fragile pearls. Strong contrast in materiality implies the difficulty in balancing multiple cultures and the weight of it all.


the performer will undergo the procedure corresponding to the headpiece.

1) Carefully takes the headpiece off the stand.

2) Put it over and on the head.

3) Balances the weight of it with the pearl handles on two sides of the piece.

4) Walks around to showcase its balance and connection with the performer's body of architecture.

5) If there are multiple multi-culture performers on the scene, then pass the headpiece with care and undergo 1- 4 procedures again.

(more photos of the performance below)

Model: Tim Brandt


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