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I love you on the other side of a paper

2 Sides of a Paper -- Stop motion animation (2021)

This project aims to visualize the connection among people with the metaphor of the relationship between the back and front sides of a paper.

The various actions of flipping, folding, lighting through, tearing, and collaging demonstrate the connection between causes and consequences in relationships. The constant transitions between the canvas being lighted and unlighted imply the truth being revealed from both sides and from a single side, representing the relationship between perspective and reality in relationship.

(Above is the stop motion film, accompany with a piano music piece composed by, sound designer, Jenny Xing.)

[Poem written by Fée]

They love from 2 sides of a paper.

Back to back but never have them met.

Only when the light is on,

One can embrace the other's silhouette.

When the paper is folded, sight reaches where fingertips can't.

And the folding creases become scars as charcoal shed.

The only way for them to truly be together is to break up and collage.

Although they’ll all lose a part of who they are.

(below are the storyboards and process photos)


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