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Animatics for 3 educational videos for Thyroid Eye Disease and the prescription medicine for the treatment

Production: Bonfire

Cartoon Network

This is a burping bobby commercial for Halloween

Production: Definition 6

Burping Bobby.jpg

Peter Rabbit 2 + Food Network

How to make a Peter Rabbit cookie with Spring Baking Championship

(Due to the Covid-19, it was never aired, below is the finished cut) 

Director: Todd Feuer

Production: Definition 6

Peter rabbit 2 Storyboards compare small.jpg


A 3D - rendered journey through the whimsical world of crafts and toys for kids

Production: Bonfire


Travelocity + Food Network

Gnome travels to find good food :)

Production: Definition 6

Storyboards Food Network x travelocity.jpg

Sherwin Williams + Food Network

interviewing 2 chefs of different cuisines and how it matches their Color ID Color ID personalities.

Production: Definition 6

sherwin Williams.jpg
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